Our mission at Smartflex is to drive the innovative spirit within the industry. We help our clients achieve a competitive edge by facilitating their efforts to deliver new, innovative product and service propositions to their customers.

Maintaining a high quality-to-cost ratio is critical to helping our clients deliver products in a competitive manner. We research and deliver to our clients the benefits of the most cost-effective raw materials, helping them keep the costs of production competitively low. 

The quality and reliability of our products are second to none. We respond quickly to market dynamics that affect our customers’ businesses, helping them to deliver products in a time-to-market fashion. This is the reason why our clients – all renowned names in the smartcard industry – have stayed with us for many years. 

At the same time, we are conscious about the impact on the environment. We believe that delivering innovation to our clients and supporting their own efforts to be innovative should not come at a cost to the environment. We are an ESG-certified company, and we adhere to all accepted laws relating to labour, health, safety, environment, and ethics in the countries we operate in.