Our module packaging capabilities for the banking sector are very comprehensive – and include both single-sided and dual interface.

On top of the typical banking packaging, we also provide 6-pin banking packaging, and antenna trimming – dual interface booster.  

We are continuing to innovate, and one of the new product propositions that we have recently introduced stands to significantly reduce the costs to customers of our dual interface module. This product, which has passed all reliability, environmental and mechanical tests, delivers the same RF performance as the current dual interface card.

Integrating this new module into your supply chain is easy, as it requires minimum investment and changes to current embedding machines. In addition, since it also has the same look and feel of the existing dual interface module, no end-customer qualification is required. For more information on this new product, please contact us at: (65) 6787 7133 (ext 105)

Specifications: Banking Packaging Capabilities

We provide both single-sided and dual interface packaging options.

1. Typical Banking Packaging
Flex Tape: Gold plated / Palladium
Wire: 25Um Gold Wire
Packaging: Dam & Fill
Thickness: 580Um

2. 6 Pin Low End Banking Packaging
Flex Tape: Gold plated/ Palladium
Wire: 25Um Gold Wire
Packaging: Glob Top/ Dam & Fill
Thickness: 580UmFF

Our packaging capabilities for the telecommunications sector includes typical 2FF/3FF packaging as well as 4FF NanoSIM packaging.

4FF NanoSIM packaging requires a thinner module, which presents certain manufacturing challenges for many contract manufacturers. However, it brings a higher level of reliability than standard 2FF and 3FF packaging.

Specifications: Telecommunications Packaging Capabilities

We provide 6/8 pin single-sided packaging options.

1. Typical Telecom (2FF/ 3FF) Packaging
Flex Tape: Gold/ Pd plated
Wire: 23Um and 20Um Gold Wire
Packaging: Globtop

2. Telco 4FF Packaging (NanoSIM)
Flex Tape: Gold plated (With/ WO Cavity)
Wire: 25Um and 20Um Gold Wire
Packaging: Dam & Fill
Thickness: 480Um- 490Um

Smartflex’s manufacturing capabilities include high frequency (HF) and ultra high frequency (UHF) standard RFID tags, as well as flip chip RFID tags.  

Our standard RFID tags, used for product tagging, come in both dual interface and single sided modules. They employ standard wire bonding technology and can be used in plastic moulded tags and for asset tracking. These tags are typically used for products tracking.

 Our HF flip chip RFID tags employ a different kind of technology than standard wire bonding. They are used for a broad range of assets tracking and for anti-forgery efforts. One specific area where they are employed is in the high-end luxury market, where the chips are embedded into them, allowing customers who have bought them to verify their authenticity.

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