Wafer Dicing - DISCO DFT6340

The DISCO wafer dicing machine is able to handle 6" and 8" wafers

Die Attach - ESEC 2008SC (8" wafer handler)/ESEC 2008SC (12" wafer handler)
Our Die Bonder machines are able to handle 6", 8" and 12" wafers

Wire Bond - ESEC 3008SC/ESEC 3100/ESEC 3008SC plus
These machines are capable of performing fine pitch wire bonding on bond pad size of 60 ~ 70 micron

Encapsulation - Muehlbauer CME3010/D
The encapsulation machine can perform either a simple Fill, or a Dam & Fill on a larger IC chip using UV cure encapsulant epoxy

Testing - Muehlbauer CMT6550 & Muehlbauer CMT6560
The CMT 6550 & CMT 6560 is installed with the latest Micropross MP300C2/C3/MT1/MT2/CL3 encoders. They can be used for testing, initialization and loading of operating system


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